Van Mijenfjord

Van Mijenfjord is one of the largest and most scenic fjords of central Spitsbergen. There, you will experience wildlife, endless valleys, and breathtaking glaciers.

This ten hour snowmobile trip starts from Longyearbyen, from which we will drive through Adventdalen heading south to Reindalen, one of the most extensive and impressive areas on Svalbard. Our journey will continue by climbing up Slak Glacier and descending through maze-like moraine in Gustavdalen.

We will then reach Van Mijenfjord and share a warm lunch together with the group as we enjoy the stunning of this fjord and experience true polar solitude.

When the sea ice conditions are safe, we will proceed from Fridtjof Glacier across the fjord to Paula Glacier, with its massive and breathtaking front. Here we will explore the secrets of the sea ice, observing unique colors and intricate patterns. If we are lucky, we might see polar bears roaming on the ice!

In the afternoon, we will take a different route home over the Longyear Glacier. As we reach the top of the glacier, we’ll be met by a breathtaking view over Longyearbyen—one you won’t soon forget.

Join us for an unforgettable experience traveling through the Arctic wilderness of Van Mijenfjord. This adventure will captivate you!

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