Lyngen Chalet

Lyngen chalet is a true gem, located less than 100 km from Tromsø. Positioned between the mountains and the sea, the chalet gives visitors spectacular panoramic views out over Ullfjord and is an ideal get-away from everyday life! Even though this area is well-known for its spectacular nature, it's off the beaten path without much tourism. There are only a few small isolated houses along the fjord that look like something from a fairy tale.

Built in the shadow of Jiekkevarri Mountain (1833 m), the highest peak in the Tromsø region, the chalet is the perfect starting location for alpine adventures. There are a variety of options for outdoor activities during all seasons such as alpine ski touring, mountaineering, and hiking. Those are just the beginning as there are many other excursions for all levels, including activities like fishing, kayaking, snowmobiling, whale watching, and dog sledding.

The Chalet:

Lyngen Chalet is two floors with a total area of 99 m². The cabin is fully furnished and can accommodate up to eight guests

The main living room is a cozy space perfect for relaxing and enjoying the panoramic views next to the warmth of the wood-burning stove. The kitchen is an extension of the living room and is equipped with a refrigerator, dishwasher, and coffee maker. You’ll find everything necessary for cooking a delicious meal.  There is no TV in the house, and instead, time is spent relaxing and connecting with your group. There is, however, WiFi so that you can always check your northern lights app to know exactly when the auroras will appear!

The bathroom is spacious with a hot shower and heated floor. There is also a washing machine and dryer. Seven beds are spread out between three bedrooms and the living room.

Outside, there is a wonderful deck and kitchenette. Enjoy the barbeque and comfortable sitting area next to the fireplace with breathtaking views over Ullfjord and the surrounding mountains.

The Tromsø region is known worldwide for its intense northern lights (aurora borealis). The most spectacular season to view the auroras is from October to March. Lyngen Chalet has minimal light pollution and offers uniquely dark skies for viewing the northern lights

If you want to simply rent the cabin and manage your activities on your own, that’s great!

Otherwise, we can help you organize packages from the cabin in and around the Lyngen Alps for 5-7 days.

Examples of assistance with logistics and guiding:

  • Alpine ski touring and snowshoe tours (UIAGM Guide) from March-May
  • Trekking (Arctic Guide) from July-September
  • Sightseeing tours in the surrounding areas for daily short activities (dog sledding, whale safaris, fishing, northern lights, snowmobile) from October-March

There is a minimum five day stay for private groups renting out Lyngen Chalet.

Getting there by car from Tromsø

Take the E8 highway south from Tromsø ~50 km until reaching the village of Laksvatn. Along the way you will pass through the villages of Fagernes and Sørbotn. Leave the E8 in Laksvatn and continue north along the 7900 provincial road ~40 km passing Lakselvbukt towards Jøvik. Lyngen Chalet is situated on Olderbakken ~7 km south of Jøvik on the east side of the road. The final address is Jøvikvegen 1207, N- 9043 JØVIK - GPS coordinates: N 69°34′45″, E 19°45′21″.

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