Krekling Lodge

Krekling Lodge, Poli Arctici’s newly constructed wilderness accommodation, combines modern Scandinavian design, off-the-grid technology, and traditional Svalbard heritage. The peaceful environment of Krekling Lodge is the perfect base for multi-day adventures during the summer and winter. 

Krekling Lodge is located just above Krekling Pass and has breathtaking views over four different valleys and along the ridge of Otto Mountain. Its unique location provides opportunities to explore the surrounding area by foot, skis, and snowmobile.

Krekling Lodge accommodates up to 12 guests between four bedrooms and a loft. There is an open living room, modern kitchen, and dining area heated by wood stove and kerosene furnace. Solar panels provide electricity to the lodge from March to September and a backup generator can be used to supplement power during the dark season.

Panoramic windows offer guests sweeping views from the warmth of the lodge, while outside there is a deck surrounding the entire cabin with outdoor seating. Even though it is relatively close to Longyearbyen (~30 km), this area is quite desolate and very few groups travel here making it an ideal spot for a peaceful trip into the wilderness

While at Krekling Lodge, you can experience the remoteness of Svalbard’s wilderness without sacrificing modern comforts. This is one of only five cabins in the entire archipelago authorized for overnight visits by non-residents.

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