Slettebu Cabin

Slettebu Cabin is Poli Arctici’s rustic trapper-style cabin located on the coast of Van Mijenfjord. Slettebu Cabin is one of only five cabins in the entire archipelago authorized for overnight visits by non-residents.

This cozy hut preserves the traditional style of a Svalbard trapper’s cabin. It is uniquely remote (accessible only during our winter trips) and gives our guests an authentic winter experience in Svalbard’s wilderness.

You can observe northern lights dancing in a crisp sky above the fjord in wintertime, experience otherworldly colors during the transition from Polar Night, and have unspoiled wildlife encounters at any moment!

After enjoying an outdoor adventure, Slettebu Cabin is a comfortable base where we can relax and recount stories from the day next to the wood stove over a shared meal. The cabin can accommodate up to 12 guests in one big common bedroom, living room, and a small heated secondary building. 

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