Svalbard Discovery Ultimate

Discover the heart of Spitsbergen on this adventure! This is a real journey exploring Spitsbergen’s extraordinary landscape, rich human history, and incredible wildlife. Travel with us on our 5 days Arctic adventure to experience glaciers, frozen fjords, and spectacular valleys surrounded by rugged peaks!

We’ll drive through Nordenskiöld Land and farther northeast to explore Sabine Land, Bunsow Land, and the East Coast of Spitsbergen. During the first part of the trip, we will pass the active Russian mining community of Barentsburg, where you will get an overview of the town’s history and the local culture

When the sea ice conditions in Van Mijenfjord are safe, we proceed from Fridtjov Glacier across the fjord to Paula Glacier. Experiencing the frozen fjord and glacier front is breathtaking. You will enjoy total solitude with only the sounds of wind and your own breath.

On this trip we will stay overnight in cozy cabins located in the Svalbard wilderness. While the cabins are warm and have comfortable beds, there are no modern facilities such as toilets, showers, or running hot water. 

Situated in the northern and southern part of Nordenskiöld Land, our cabins are extremely remote nestled in the white wilderness between the sea and mountains. These locations provide excellent opportunities to observe wildlife from the comforts of our cabins

Svalbard experiences 24 hours of daylight starting at the end of March and we are able to explore for much longer periods of time than is possible in places where the sun sets earlier. This is one of the best parts of exploring Spitsbergen during the spring.

During the following days on our safari, we will explore the extremely remote East Coast of Spitsbergen, where there are a high concentration of polar bears. If we’re lucky, we might encounter the king of the Arctic

We will explore the secrets of the ice, observing its unique colors and intricate patterns. This is an otherworldly experience. The route follows the coastline, traversing through valleys, across glaciers, and fjords frozen with sea ice. All the while we are surrounded by spectacular rugged peaks

During the second part of our journey, we approach Tempelfjord. The mountains in this area are formed by sedimentary layers that make stunning castle-like formations which this area is famous for. We pass through narrow canyons where visible sedimentary layers expose Svalbard’s geologic history.

The historic trapping station Villa Fredheim is located near the opening of Tempelfjord and worth visiting. Norwegian Hilmar Nøis is famous for overwintering here 38 seasons during his life! 

The terrain we will explore is varied and challenging, yet the stunning views and sense of accomplishment one feels after a few days spent in the Arctic are well worth the challenge. Our goal is to spend time in the wilderness enjoying breathtaking scenery, stunning wildlife, and solitude

Choosing a longer tour provides us more opportunities for visiting trapper cabins, remains of research expeditions, and historic mining settlements. These places show us the rich history of human exploration and survival in Svalbard

Our trip uniquely balances exploration on land and on the sea ice, and isn’t a mix being offered by other guiding outfitters. If you want to experience Svalbard’s stunning landscapes and enjoy overnighting in wilderness, this trip will be perfect for you!

NB: in case weather and snow conditions are quite good, there might be a chance to visit town of Pyramiden as an additional bonus to the itinerary.

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