Southern Nordenskiöldland Safari

This isn’t your everyday snowmobile tour! This is a real journey exploring Spitsbergen’s extraordinary landscape and incredible wildlife. Travel with us on our 3 day Arctic adventure to discover glaciers, fjords, and spectacular valleys surrounded by rugged peaks!

We’ll drive through Reindalen, one of Spitsbergen’s largest and most spectacular glacial valleys. At the end of the valley, we traverse over the Slak Glacier before reaching Van Mijenfjord, where our cabin is located.

When the sea ice conditions are safe, we proceed over Van Mijenfjord towards Paula Glacier. Experiencing the frozen fjord and glacier front is breathtaking.

You will experience total solitude with only the sounds of wind and your own breath. We’ll then head back to our warm and cozy cabin to enjoy a delicious dinner together.

During the following days on our safari, we will explore the extremely remote East Coast of Spitsbergen, where there is a high concentration of polar bears. If we’re lucky, we might encounter the king of the Arctic!

After spending the whole day outside admiring awesome views and wildlife such as seals and Svalbard reindeer, we will return to the cabin to share another hot meal and enjoy the calmness of the polar landscape.

During the last day of our trip, you will also have the chance to explore the cultural heritage of Svalbard. We will pass through the mining settlement of Svea and the active Russian mining community of Barentsburg, where you will get an overview of the town’s history and the local culture.

After a warm lunch, we will drive around Kapp Heer and follow the coastline with a stunning views over Isfjorden. We will climb up Colesdalen ending up at the top of the Longyear Glacier, where a breathtaking view over Longyearbyen will be a memory you will keep forever.

The terrain we will explore is varied and challenging, yet the stunning views and sense of accomplishment one feels after a few days spent in the Arctic are well worth the challenge. Our goal is to spend time in the wilderness enjoying breathtaking scenery, stunning wildlife, and solitude. 

We hope you’ll join us in on this tour for an adventure of a lifetime!

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