Skipper's Choice

We take you into the wild with our speedboat, and our skipper chooses the route based on daily conditions recent wildlife sightings around northern Isfjord. Our goal is to share our favorite areas of Isfjord with you and maximize wildlife sightings.

Our route travels out of Longyearbyen towards the northern coast of Isfjord. This area is less frequently visited and is rich with wildlife and surrounded by dynamic scenery

We’ll visit the massive blue front of Wahlenberg Glacier. As we enjoy the beauty and solitude there, we will have a coffee-tea break together floating among icebergs.

During the trip, we will have excellent opportunities to admire seals resting on the ice, observe birds, and maybe even spot whales and walrus. If we are very fortunate, we will have a good polar bear sighting!

This trip has many options and we will decide together as a group what to do depending on weather and sea conditions, as well as the interests of the group. 

Our speed boat “Stefi” is custom built for navigating the polar environment. It's partially enclosed cabin offers shelter and warmth even during cold days or rough seas.

Join us on this six hour trip through Svalbard’s wilderness to visit northern Isfjord and the stunning Wahlenberg Glacier. This is an adventure you won’t forget!

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