Ski Crossing of Nordenskiöldland

This week-long cross country ski tour through the heart of Nordenskiöld Land is a classic Svalbard adventure! Skiing with pulks, we will traverse through Nordenskiöld Land National Park, the newest of Svalbard’s national parks. There is an enormous selection of  varied glacial and mountain terrain that we will explore on our skis. We’ll experience solitude in this polar wilderness as the national park is closed to all motorized traffic.

During this trip we’ll spend six nights in tents. This trip requires good physical fitness, prior experience winter camping in tents, and good skiing ability. 

Conditions here can be challenging and its important that we work together as a team. All participants will pull their own pulk and take part in daily camp routines such as preparing meals and water, setting up and packing up camp, etc. Each night, you will share in the true Arctic experience of watching out for polar bears under the northern lights or midnight sun

After making our final preparations, and packing our pulks and backpacks, we will be transported by car to the end of the road in Advent Valley near Mine 7. From there, we start skiing southeast crossing into the national park. 

There are numerous glaciers throughout this area, and mountains in this area range in elevation from 800-1200 m

We will ski through valleys, cross over glaciers, and navigate through moraines. If we find a place we particularly like, we can make a basecamp, and explore the surrounding area without our pulks. Participants will work together with their guide to select the most interesting route based on weather and snow conditions. 

Svalbard experiences 24 hours of daylight starting at the end of March and we are able to explore for much longer periods of time than is possible in places where the sun sets earlier. This is one of the best parts of exploring Spitsbergen during the spring.

Even though Nordenskiöld Land National Park is relatively close to Longyearbyen, this area is quite desolate, and very few groups travel here. Breath deeply, enjoy the silence, and feel a sense of solitude.

Our trip uniquely balances exploration on land and on glaciers. This isn’t a mix often offered by other guiding outfitters. If you want to experience Svalbard’s stunning landscape traveling by ski, and enjoy overnighting in the wilderness, this trip will be perfect for you!

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