Skansbukta Trekking

Are you ready to explore rugged coastlines, trek through awe-inspiring mountains, and live in the Arctic wilderness? Join our basecamp in Skansbukta for an adventure of a lifetime! 

Skansbukta, a small bay located in Billefjord, is surrounded by castle-like mountains, deep glacial valleys, and cultural heritage from centuries past. This is truly Svalbard! 

From Longyearbyen, Skansbukta is only a 1.5 hour speedboat ride away. 

Our basecamp in Skansbukta is located right on the beach with stunning views looking out over Isfjord. On our first day, after setting up our home for the week, we will take a short walk to become acquainted with the local landscape. Then, we will settle into the rhythm of life in the Arctic.

A typical day in Skansbukta starts with a delicious breakfast followed by daily excursions to different areas surrounding Skansbukta. During these excursions, we will be able to explore mountains with fantastic views, sharp canyons full of nesting birds, and the massive front of Nordensköld glacier. We will trek to the deepest part of valleys to see dramatic waterfalls, search for fossils, cross small rivers, and walk on glaciers

The terrain we will explore is varied and challenging, yet the stunning views and sense of accomplishment one feels after a day spent in Skansbukta are well worth the challenge. Our goal is to spend time in the Arctic wilderness enjoying breathtaking scenery, stunning wildlife, and solitude

Also during the trip, you will have opportunities to explore the fascinating cultural heritage of Svalbard. We will travel by boat to Pyramiden, a historical Soviet mining town that was abandoned in 1998. We will also explore the remains of a Swedish mining settlement from the 1920’s and historic trapper cabins along the coast that show us the rich history of human exploration and survival in Svalbard. 

NB: Due to the current situation associated with the war in Ukraine, visit to Pyramiden, town run by the Russian State company, will not be included in the tour itinerary. Please kindly take this point into consideration when you book a tour with us and thank you for understanding! 

Because Svalbard experiences 24 hours of sunlight in the summer, we are able to explore for much longer periods of time than is possible in areas where the sun sets. This is one of the best parts of exploring Skansbukta in the summer. 

During the evenings, we will prepare and share delicious meals together in a heated cooking tent or outside on the beach if weather permits. Each night, you will share in the true Arctic experience of watching out for polar bears under the midnight sun. We hope you’ll join us in Skansbukta for an adventure of a lifetime!

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