Sarkofagen Trekking

This is one of our most popular hiking trips that explores the spectacular backyard of Longyearbyen and offers a stunning view over the city and surrounding mountains.

Our hike starts from Nybyen where we will immediately cross the braided stream flowing from glaciers farther up the valley.

After crossing the stream, we will traverse the moraine of Lars Glacier along a maze-like path of rocks and permafrost. This is a classic Svalbard landscape with varied views of Longyearbyen, historic mining infrastructure, and the surrounding mountains. 

While the climb is challenging at times, you are rewarded by stunning views from the summit of Sarkofagen (513 meters). At the summit, we will enjoy a snack and a warm drink while admiring the fantastic views all around us. 

On our way back, we’ll walk through several small canyons before crossing onto the Longyear Glacier. As we walk down the glacier, there are opportunities to search for plant fossils preserved in sedimentary rocks from the early Paleogene period

The route continues down along the river melting from Longyear Glacier towards the old road from Longyearbyen, where our trip ends.

On this hike, we will experience wonderful scenery, discover cultural heritage, and learn about Svalbard’s natural history on this hike.

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