Pyramiden Adventure

This isn’t your everyday snowmobile tour! 

This is a real journey exploring Spitsbergen’s extraordinary landscape and incredible wildlife. Travel with us on our 2 day Arctic adventure to the northern parts of Nordenskiöld Land. Exploring the northeastern regions of Isfjord is the focus of this adventure as we visiting Tempelfjord, Billefjord, Sassenfjord and the big glaciers of Spitsbergen.

We will stay overnight in Pyramiden, a historical Soviet mining town that was abandoned in 1998, to learn about the town’s history. There, we will get an overview of the town’s history and the local culture. The Statue of Lenin, culture house, athletic hall, and unique architecture are linked together into an environment that makes this place well worth the visit. 

Along the way we drive between fallen icebergs frozen into the fjord near the front of Nordensköld Glacier where there excellent opportunities to see wildlife on the sea ice.

Experiencing the frozen fjord and glacier front is breathtaking.

On this trip, everywhere you look is surrounded by stunning scenery. From the comforts of our snowmobiles, we will admire glacier fronts, rugged coastlines, and icebergs all under the Arctic light. You will enjoy total solitude with only the sounds of wind and your own breath.

During our safari, we will explore the extremely remote areas of Spitsbergen, where there are a high concentration of polar bears. If we’re lucky, we might encounter the king of the Arctic

After active adventures during the day, we’ll treat ourselves to peace and quiet in our cozy Tulip Hotel and enjoy a Russian dinner. Here, you can experience the remoteness of Svalbard’s wilderness without sacrificing modern comforts.

We hope you’ll join us in on this tour for an adventure of a lifetime!

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