Opera Trek with Krekling Lodge

Enjoy four days of unforgettable trekking over expansive tundra, glaciers, and classic Svalbard summits. Hikes with varying  terrain will connect you to the pristine nature and undisturbed wildlife of Svalbard. After active adventures during the day, we’ll treat ourselves to peace and quiet in our cozy Krekling Lodge. Here, you can experience the remoteness of Svalbard’s wilderness without sacrificing modern comforts.

The trek starts from the end of the road near Mine 7 and follows the peaceful landscape of Advent Valley. This glacial valley is a characteristic of Svalbard providing us with opportunities to learn about the diverse tundra ecosystem. As we travel through the inner part of the valley, we’ll cross a network of braided streams and find many small groups of Svalbard Reindeer. We’ll pass by the famous Opera Mountain, which is named for its beautiful amphitheater-shaped valley.

Our home for this trip is Krekling Lodge. Although this is only a 5 hour hike from Longyearbyen, it is truly an unforgettable place where you will find a sense of calmness and enjoy the pristine polar environment. The lodge is located just above Krekling Pass and has breathtaking views over four different valleys and along the ridge of Otto Mountain. This unique location provides us with tremendous opportunities to explore the surrounding area.  

We’ll spend everyday outside during this adventure. Together with your guide you’ll explore the varied terrain that the surrounding area has to offer discovering high peaks, traversing valleys, and finding your way over moraines and onto glaciers. Every night, we’ll return to enjoy the comforts of our newly constructed Krekling Lodge.

The mountains in this area - Ottofjellet, Albert Bruntoppen, Arctowskifjellet and Lousitaniafjellet- are all over 900 metres and offer stunning views over Sassenfjord and Temple Mountain

Even though it is relatively close to Longyearbyen, this area is quite desolate, and very few groups travel here. This provides us excellent opportunities to have encounters with undisturbed Arctic animals and birds. Breath deeply, enjoy the silence, and feel a sense of solitude.

On the last day of the adventure, we’ll return by hiking over the Tell and Blekum glaciers. This area is surrounded by impressive layered sedimentary rocks that central Spitsbergen is famous for. As soon as we reach Mälar Valley, we’ll get our first view of Longyearbyen in the distance. If we have time, we’ll visit the remains of the abandoned mining settlements Hiorthhamn and Advent City

Our final challenge will be traversing the delta of Advent Valley where its braided network of streams meets the fjord.

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