Northern Nordenskiöldland Safari

This isn’t your everyday snowmobile tour! This is a real journey exploring Spitsbergen’s extraordinary landscape and incredible wildlife. Travel with us on our 3 day Arctic adventure to the northern parts of Nordenskiöld Land. Exploring the northeastern regions of Isfjord is the focus of this adventure as we visiting Tempelfjord, Billefjord, Sassenfjord and the East Coast of Spitsbergen.

Our home for this trip is Krekling Lodge. Situated 35 km from Longyearbyen, it is truly an unforgettable place where you will find a sense of calmness and enjoy the pristine polar environment. The lodge is located just above Krekling Pass and has breathtaking views over four different valleys and along the ridge of Otto Mountain. This unique location provides us with tremendous opportunities to explore the surrounding area.

On this trip, everywhere you look is surrounded by stunning scenery. From the comforts of our snowmobiles, we will admire glacier fronts, rugged coastlines, and icebergs all under the Arctic light. Experiencing the frozen fjord and glacier front is breathtaking.

You will enjoy total solitude with only the sounds of wind and your own breath.

During the following days on our safari, we will explore the extremely remote East Coast of Spitsbergen, where there are a high concentration of polar bears. If we’re lucky, we might encounter the king of the Arctic

You will also have the opportunity to explore fascinating cultural heritage from centuries past. Choosing a longer tour provides us more opportunities for visiting trapper cabins, remains of research expeditions, and historic mining settlements. These places show us the rich history of human exploration and survival in Svalbard

The terrain we will explore is varied and challenging, yet the stunning views and sense of accomplishment one feels after a few days spent in the Arctic are well worth the challenge. Our goal is to spend time in the wilderness enjoying breathtaking scenery, stunning wildlife, and solitude

After active adventures during the day, we’ll treat ourselves to peace and quiet in our cozy Krekling Lodge. Here, you can experience the remoteness of Svalbard’s wilderness without sacrificing modern comforts.

Each night, you will share in the true Arctic experience of watching for northern lights or basking in the midnight sun. Breath deeply, enjoy the silence, and feel a sense of solitude.

We hope you’ll join us on this tour for an adventure of a lifetime!

NB: in case weather and snow conditions are quite good, there might be a chance to visit town of Pyramiden as an additional bonus to the itinerary.

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