Nordenskiöldtoppen Trekking

This is the tallest mountain in the vicinity of Longyearbyen (1051 m), and on a clear day has the best views around! If you are looking for a challenging day hike through varied terrain with spectacular views of Longyearbyen and the surrounding mountains, Nordenskiöldtoppen  is the hike for you! 

Depending on the conditions, our route starts either at the historic Cable Car central station (Taubanesentralen) or from Sverdrupbyen. Whenever possible, we hike together with our Greenland dogs, but sometimes they are out working on a longer trip standing guard for polar bears!

During this hike, we will observe characteristic local flora such as the Svalbard Poppy, encounter Svalbard Reindeer, and learn about geologic formations.

After a ~45 minute hike uphill through a narrow valley with nesting Little Auks, we transition on to the maze-like moraine of the Platå Glacier. From here, the route continues climbing and follows a small ridge. We are surrounded by sweeping views that you won’t soon forget!

The last part of the route just before the summit is quite steep. At the summit you’ll be rewarded by spectacular scenery over beautiful fjords, rugged peaks, and deep valleys. As we enjoy a warm meal together, feel a sense of accomplishment while enjoying the breathtaking summit views over Isfjorden and Longyearbyen. Near the summit there is a historic weather station where we can seek shelter when it's windy. 

After lunch, we will descend along the northern ridge if conditions permit to gain a different perspective. Then, we descend back to Sverdrupbyen, the oldest part of Longyearbyen, where we’ll conclude our adventure for the day.

This hike is a local favorite and we hope you’ll join us for this amazing hike! Varying terrain will connect you to pristine nature and undisturbed wildlife of Svalbard.

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