Lindholmhøgda Hiking

This short hike starts from the dog kennel just outside of Longyearbyen. From there, we ascend the hill and follow the ridge for ~1.5 hours to an elevation of 457 meters. At the edge of the plateau, we are met with a view over Advent Valley and the fjord and will experience the peacefulness of the Arctic. This rich glacial valley is characteristic of Svalbard and provides us with opportunities to learn about the diverse tundra ecosystem

Below us, you can see a small reservoir which supplies drinking water to Longyearbyen and the remnants of the suspended cable wagon system that was used to transport coal from the mines to the port.

After spending time on top of the plateau, we can either descend following the same route or through the narrow Gruve Valley, which brings us back to the starting point.

While this short excursion is not our most demanding hike, it’s not for beginners either. You’ll need sturdy hiking shoes and reasonable fitness for this excursion.

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