Isfjord Trekking

Enjoy a five day backpacking trek along the coast of Isfjorden and Sassenfjorden!

On this trip, you will travel across stunning tundra surrounded by expansive fjords and captivating mountains.

On the first day, we will pick you up at your hotel in Longyearbyen. Then, we will have our trip briefing which includes an overview of our route, as well as information about our equipment and safety protocols. 

Then, our adventure will begin with a short (~10 minute) boat transfer to the other side of Adventfjorden. After being dropped on the beach, we will walk towards Revneset and pass through the historical areas of Hiorthhamn and Advent City, both great examples of early mining activity in Svalbard.

We will continue our hike along the ridge of Forkastnings Mountain and have incredible views over Isfjorden with jagged mountains and glaciers in the distance. Our first campsite will be in Caroline Valley. There, everyone will take part in our daily routine which includes setting up tents, preparing meals, and polar bear watch at night.

On day two, will will hike towards Deltaneset which is well-known for its marine fossils from the Jurassic period, including the remains of plesiosaurs. Then, we will head towards  Diabas, a steep outcrop of volcanic rock inhabited by sea birds. There, we will see thousands of puffins feeding and nesting, as well as the occasional hunting fox. After passing Diabas, we will set up our second camp near Elveneset where we will have a clear view of Temple Mountain, and its unique castle-like formation. 

On day three, we will continue inland through De Geer Valley, where reindeer herds graze on the tundra under the midnight sun. This part of the trek is surrounded by high mountains carved by a complex network of glaciers and rivers. After our trek through the valley, we will reach Krekling Lodge, a beautiful new cabin surrounded by panoramic views of the mountains. There, we will spend two nights and enjoy a rest day as well as an easy hiking day. 

On the last day of our trek, we will follow the river through Helvetia Valley. The majority of rivers in Svalbard are shallow, braided streams that start at the base of glaciers. In order to reach our final destination for the day, we will cross a large braided river network to get to the other side of Adventdalen. That afternoon, after a full day of hiking, we will arrive back to the road in Bolter Valley near Mine 7 (the only operational mine in Longyearbyen). There, after an exciting five day journey, we will be picked up by car and brought back to town.

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