Isfjord Safari

Explore the breathtaking Isfjord coastline with us on this four day excursion by speedboat!

Exploring the eastern part of Isfjorden is the top priority of this adventure as we explore Tempelfjorden, Billefjorden, and Sassenfjorden.

We will make a basecamp in Skansbukta where we will spend three nights in tents. Skansbukta, a small bay located in Billefjord, is surrounded by castle-like mountains, deep glacial valleys, and cultural heritage from centuries past. Our basecamp in Skansbukta is located right on the beach with stunning views looking out over Isfjord. During the evenings, we will prepare and share delicious meals together. Each night, you will share in the true Arctic experience of watching out for polar bears under the polar light.

During the trip, you will have the opportunity to explore fascinating cultural heritage from centuries past. Following the coastline provides us more opportunities for visiting trapper cabins, remains of research expeditions, and historic mining settlements. These places show us the rich history of human exploration and survival in Svalbard.

On this trip, everywhere you look is surrounded by stunning scenery. From the comforts of our boat, we will experience glacier fronts, rugged coastlines, and icebergs amidst the ever-changing polar light– maybe even the midnight sun. During polar summer, millions of birds make Svalbard home and we commonly see whales, walrus, seals, and occasionally polar bears. Experiencing Isfjord by boat is a classic Svalbard experience and a rich opportunity to cover lots of ground.

This trip has many options and we will decide together as a group what to do depending on weather and sea conditions, as well as the interests of the group. We will spend one full day hiking around Skansbukta. There are waterfalls, sharp canyons full of nesting birds, and fossils for us to hunt for in the area. Another day is dedicated to visiting Pyramiden (a soviet ghost settlement) and navigating between icebergs near the front of Nordensköld Glacier. The rest of the time we will visit as many places as possible around Isfjorden such as Bjonahamna, Grumant, Fredheim, Kapp Schoultz, Hiorthamn, Coles bay and the other glaciers along the northern part of Isfjorden. 

NB: Due to the current situation associated with the war in Ukraine, visit to Pyramiden, town run by the Russian State company, will not be included in the tour itinerary. Please kindly take this point into consideration when you book a tour with us and thank you for understanding! 

Our speed boat “Stefi” is custom built for navigating the polar environment. It's partially enclosed cabin offers shelter and warmth.

Our Isfjord Safari is a balanced mix of exploration both on land and at sea and is something not being offered by other guiding outfitters. If you want to experience Svalbard’s stunning fjords and enjoy camping, this trip will be perfect for you!

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