Ice Cave Tour by Snowmobiles

Join us on this four hour experience exploring a glacial ice cave

During  the first part of the trip, we will drive snowmobiles (6 km) to approach the glacier until we reach the entrance to the ice cave. Then, we will proceed by foot for ~1 hour

The cave is formed by melt-water channels that shape the ice during the summer and are frozen dry during the winter. We enter the glacier through a small tunnel-like passage at the surface.

Beneath the surface, we explore a labyrinth of ice with numerous glacial formations. The ice cave is entirely natural and preserves intricate patterns in the ice.

The temperature inside the Glacier is approximately -3 °C and the terrain can be challenging at times. We will use headlamps to light our way and glacier equipment if necessary.

The contrast between the white the snow and the endless blue shades in the ice is astonishing.

You won’t be disappointed by this trip!

*Given several small spaces we pass through during this trip, we don’t recommend this excursion if you experience claustrophobia.

Please note that this tour includes only a short snowmobile transfer and it is not guaranteed that you will drive the snowmobile yourself. Within this tour the guides distribute the guests on the snowmobiles themselves and it is possible that you will be a passenger the whole way. Thank you for understanding! 

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