Hiorthfjell Trekking

Join us on an unforgettable day hike to the top of Hiorth mountain!

Even though it is relatively close to Longyearbyen, not many tour groups hike here. This provides us excellent opportunities to experience solitude and have encounters with undisturbed Arctic animals and birds.

In the first part of our trip, we’ll cross Advent Fjord by speed boat to reach Hiorthhamm, the starting point of this hike. The route begins with an easy ~15 minute walk climbing gently from the beach. Whenever possible, we hike together with our Greenland dogs, but sometimes they are out working on a longer trip standing guard for polar bears.

Soon, we’ll be climbing more steeply up the mountain and the journey becomes more strenuous and quite adventurous. There are no trails on this route and the final ridge the summit (~900 m) is quite steep.

At the summit, you’ll be rewarded by spectacular scenery over beautiful fjords, rugged peaks, and deep valleys. As we enjoy a warm meal together, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment while enjoying the breathtaking summit views over Isfjorden and Longyearbyen. 

We’ll descend along the same route and have opportunities to explore remnants from the historic mining settlement of Hiorthhamm, a rich example of Svalbard’s cultural heritage. From here, we will be picked up by our boat and return to Longyearbyen.

The terrain we will experience is varied and challenging, yet the stunning views and sense of accomplishment you will feel after a day spent in this unique location are well worth the challenge.

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