East Coast Wilderness Adventure

Spitsbergen’s East Coast is one of our planet's most remote areas and home to many of Svalbard’s polar bears. Join us for a three day adventure exploring sea ice and glaciers in one of the most exciting areas of Svalbard! 

This is an authentic Arctic experience where you’ll spend two nights in a heated tent along the desolate coast of Storfjord that separates Spitsbergen from Edge and Barents islands. This is the area where you are most likely to meet polar bears, the king of the Arctic.

This trip is for those who want to experience the Arctic without overnighting indoors. To participate in this trip, you need to be in good physical condition and have experience with outdoor winter activities. 

Due to the remoteness of the East Coast, there is a high degree of logistical work required to prepare for this adventure. 

This trip begins with time to prepare and pack, and then time spent transporting ourselves ~100 km through central Spitsbergen by snowmobile from Longyearbyen to Mohn Bay. 

This part of the journey is ~5-6 hours (when conditions are good) through rugged peaks and over glaciers. Expect a few stops along the way to enjoy the views and stretch our legs. 

When we arrive at Mohn Bay, we will establish our camp several hundred meters from the sea ice. We will need the help of all participants setting up and clearing our camp. Each night, you will share in the true Arctic experience of watching out for polar bears amidst the ever-changing polar light. Conditions here can be challenging and its important that we work together as a team.

Our basecamp consists of a heated communal tent for eating and socializing. At night, we will use the same tent as our sleeping space, using reindeer skins and sleeping pads to stay comfortable.

The unique location of our basecamp provides us with tremendous opportunities to explore the surrounding landscapes. Everywhere you look the scenery is breathtaking. Steep mountains surround the fjord and glaciers fill the valleys beneath. From the comforts of our snowmobiles, we will enjoy glacier fronts, rugged coastlines, and icebergs all under the Arctic light. You will experience total solitude with only the sounds of wind and your own breath.

Depending on the ice conditions, we will travel farther along the coastline, hoping to catch a glimpse of the polar bear. Normally, we find lots of bear tracks. If we are lucky, we might have an up close encounter or see a mother with her cubs. 

We will explore the secrets of the sea ice, observing the unique colors and intricate patterns. Standing in front of the glacier fronts we will experience indescribable blue walls of ice. Experiencing the ice is an otherworldly experience that you won’t soon forget

On the third day, we depart the East Coast for our return to Longyearbyen. As we climb over the extensive Hayes Glacier, we’ll gain stunning views back over the rugged East Coast towards Edge Island. Traversing Rabot Glacier we descend through a maze-like moraine that feels like a different planet.

From here, we continue through Sassendalen, Eskerdalen, and Adventdalen where we return to Longyearbyen. This challenging journey to East Coast wilderness is a life changing experience and we hope you’ll join us on this adventure!

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