East Coast

Join us on an excursion to the East Coast and be amazed by Spitsbergen’s remote wilderness!

On this day trip, we will leave the comforts of Longyearbyen to experience the complete solitude of the Arctic environment. Driving snowmobiles through spectacular valleys, traversing glaciers, and crossing frozen fjords are all part of our route to the East Coast. All the while, we are  surrounded by rugged, snow-covered mountains

Once we reach the East Coast of Spitsbergen, we will enjoy the extraordinary landscape and incredible wildlife. This route is popular because it brings us to areas of Spitsbergen where the likelihood of spotting polar bears is much higher than near Longyearbyen. As we travel, we'll hope to have a sighting. If we are lucky, we might have an up close encounter!

From the comfort of our snowmobiles, we will explore rugged coastlines with stunning views, visit breathtaking glacier fronts, and drive across the sea ice to discover other worldly shapes and colors under the arctic light.

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