Have you ever been to Russia? The Russian mining town of Barentsburg is located only ~60 km from Longyearbyen, and during your visit, you will experience a completely different culture there!

To reach Barentsburg, we will drive snowmobiles through the narrow valleys Todalen and Bødalen, heading southwest to Coles Bay on the south side of Isfjord. There, we will explore the cultural heritage of Russian mining activity and several historic buildings.

As we continue along the coastline, you will be amazed by the magnificent contrast between the blue colors of the sea and white of the surrounding snow-covered mountains.

After passing Kapp Heer, we will reach the active Russian mining community of Barentsburg, where we will get an overview of the town’s history and the local culture. The Statue of Lenin, an orthodox chapel, and modern buildings with unique architecture are linked together into an environment that makes this place well worth the visit. 

Before heading back to Longyearbyen, we will share a warm meal together while enjoying the calmness of the polar landscape.

This 8 hour trip provides opportunities to admire breathtaking landscapes, learn about Russian culture, and explore the cultural heritage of Svalbard.

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