Atomfjella Alpine Ski Touring

The Atomfjella mountains are a dream for skiers around the  world! These mountains are the highest in Svalbard and the range is famous for its remoteness and steep couloirs. Many of these rugged peaks remain unclimbed. Spend a whole week ski touring in this epic place with us!

In Atomfjella, you are truly exploring the wilderness of Svalbard and will find an endless array of routes where you will have the opportunity to ski first tracks.

Due to the remoteness of our Atomfjella basecamp, there is a high degree of logistical work required to prepare for this adventure. This trip begins with time to prepare and pack, and then time spent transporting ourselves ~165 km through central Spitsbergen by snowmobile from Longyearbyen to Atomfjella. This part of the journey is ~5-6 hours (when conditions are good) through rugged peaks and over glaciers. Expect a few stops along the way to enjoy the views and stretch our legs. 

With good weather conditions, this adventurous ride is worth the whole trip. The normal route is ~100 km over the massive glacier plateau Lomonosovfonna at elevations ranging from ~800-1200 meters. We end up near in the area near Newtontoppen-Atomfjella. If the weather conditions are not good, this journey can be a challenging experience driving in whiteout conditions the whole way, especially if windy and snowing. Some customers will be required to drive snowmobiles, so earlier motorbike experience and/or a driving license is required.

Our basecamp in Atomfjella is located on the Galler Glacier at 900 meters surrounded by jagged peaks and steep couloirs. This place is beyond your wildest skiing imaginations. Camp consists of a heated communal tent for eating and socializing and smaller sleeping tents with reindeer skins and sleeping pads. Each night, you will share in the true Arctic experience of watching out for polar bears under the midnight sun.

After getting dropped at basecamp, the snowmobiles will return to Longyearbyen the same day, and will pick us up six days later.

In Atomfjella, there is an enormous selection of varied terrain that we will be able to ski and explore. We will select exciting ski routes that will challenge our group. The mountains in this area range in elevation from 1400 to 1700 meters, and most routes on this trip will have large elevation gains up to 1200 meters. At the start of each day, we will discuss our route which will depend on the weather, snow conditions, and the group's ability. During this trip we will climb many mountains, including the possibility of summiting Perriertoppen, the highest peak in Atomfjella.

On the last day, we’ll clear the camp and pack all our sledges before the snowmobiles arrive from Longyearbyen to pick us up. Our estimated arrival back in Longyearbyen is ~20.00.

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