Alpine Ski Touring in Van Mijenfjord

The mountains in Southern Nordenskjöld Land are a dream for skiers and snowshoers around the Arctic! This mountain range is well known for its variety of beautiful routes. During this trip, you are truly exploring the wilderness of Svalbard and will find an endless array of routes where you will have the opportunity to make first tracks. We can tailor this trip to the specific needs of ski touring and snowshoeing groups depending on your skill level and interests. Spend a whole week experiencing this epic place with us!

Touring through a variety of winter terrain will connect you to the pristine nature and undisturbed wilderness of Svalbard. After active adventures during the day, we’ll treat ourselves to peace and quiet in our cozy and warm Slettebu Cabin. Here, you can experience the remoteness of Svalbard’s wilderness. While our cabin is comfortable, warm, and surrounded by epic views,  there are no modern facilities such as toilet, shower, or running hot water. 

Situated in the southern part of Nordenskjöld Land, our Slettebu Cabin is extremely remote nestled in the white wilderness between the sea and mountains. This location provides us  excellent opportunities to observe wildlife from the comforts of the cabin.

The tour begins with time to prepare and pack, and then a snowmobile journey ~65 km south from Longyearbyen to Reindalen, one of Spitsbergen’s largest and most spectacular glacial valleys. At the end of it, we traverse over the Slak Glacier before reaching Van Mijenfjord.

Some guests will be required to drive snowmobiles, so earlier motorbike experience and/or a driving license is required for driver. Guests without a driving licence are welcome to join as passengers.

Slettebu Cabin is located only 20 meters above the beach and has breathtaking views over all Van Mijenfjord, different valleys and the surrounding mountains. This unique location provides us with tremendous opportunities to explore the surrounding area.  

We’ll spend everyday outside during this adventure. Together with your guide you’ll explore the varied terrain that the surrounding area has to offer discovering high peaks, traversing valleys, and finding your way over moraines and onto glaciers. Every night, we’ll return to enjoy the comforts of our Slettebu Cabin.

The mountains in this area - Gustavfjellet, Skalken, Lundgrenfjellet and Aspelintoppen- are all over 1000 meters and offer stunning views over Van Mijenfjord and the eastern part of Spitsbergen. We can cover short distances by snowmobile to reach different locations for our daily excursions if necessary.

When the sea ice conditions are safe, we’ll proceed over Van Mijenfjord towards Paula Glacier. Experiencing the frozen fjord and glacier front is breathtaking.

Svalbard experiences 24 hours of daylight starting at the end of March and we are able to explore for much longer periods of time than is possible in places where the sun sets earlier. This is one of the best parts of exploring Spitsbergen during the spring.

Even though it is relatively close to Longyearbyen, this area is quite desolate, and very few groups travel here. Breath deeply, enjoy the silence, and feel a sense of solitude.

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