Tempel Fjord

Take part in the thrilling experience of riding to the heart of the Sassen-Bunsow Land National Park!

Our route travels northeast out of Longyearbyen, and the terrain we explore is varied and challenging.

After driving our snowmobiles along Advent Valley, and crossing through the extensive Sassen Valley, we will stop to visit the historic trapper cabin at Fredheim, where the hunter Hilmar Nøis spent 38 winters of his life.

Then, we’ll proceed across the sea ice in Tempel Fjord to reach the massive blue front of Tuna Glacier. As we enjoy the beauty and solitude there, we will enjoy a warm lunch together.

The mountains in this area are formed by sedimentary layers that make stunning castle-like formations which this territory is famous for. As we pass through narrow canyons, we will be able to see sedimentary layers which expose Svalbard’s geologic history.

During the trip, we will have excellent opportunities to admire seals resting on the ice and observe polar bear tracks. If we are fortunate, we will have a good bear sighting!

Join us on this eight hour trip through Svalbard’s wilderness to visit Tempel Fjord and the stunning Tuna Glacier. This is an adventure you won’t forget!

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